Spiral Arms

Elastic RDBMS for the cloud

Spiral Arms, in a leader in MySQL and MariaDB Database technology and
the company behind the storage engine calls "Spider Storage Engine"
the open source professional services company with specialties in the area
of Big Data, enterprise and scalability.

We offer consulting, software development, training, and architectural
solutionsfor MySQL and MariaDB, and supporting Spider Storage Engine
ability to meet growing client demand for systems.


We are now a Technology Partner of MariaDB Corporation. We have strong relationshop between Spiral Amrs and MariaDB Corporation. 
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Percona Live 2016 in Santa Clara, CA. Kentoku who is an original developer of Spider Storage Engine will talk about Spider's new solution.
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Gestion des données pour les applications vitales – MariaDB Roadshow Paris. Kentoku will have a Lightning Talk.
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